We are a happily married, artistic couple with an all consuming love of Israel - the People, the Land and the State.


Two fundamental principles guide our work ~ content and quality.



We strongly believe in reinforcing the positive values of our rich and beautiful cultural legacy. We feel these values are pertinent to our national and personal  identity now more than ever.


 Our aim is to instil in our readers- through the medium of humour - an enduring sense of  pride in our heritage – Jewish, Israeli and religious. In this way we can stand tall, with purpose and resolution – who we are and what we are here for.  


Quality :

Complex and compelling adventures, strong three dimensional characters, infused with humour.

  Through attention to detail, precision and creativity, we aspire to attain the highest global professional standards in the recreational  graphic art .


We work  together as a team, putting our heart and soul into our projects. We seek to create a finished product that our readers not only enjoy, but glean inspiration from, give “food for thought” and the strength to continue on life’s journey..... 






Life Lessons: Radio Interview with Judy Simon
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