Over the years, I have been asked to give lectures all over Israel about my career.


I am well aware that I have been extremely blessed to find work and flourish in a unique field, against all odds, and to live a dream that seemed near impossible.


The objective of these talks is to strengthen the belief that dreams can indeed come true, G-d willing, and to encourage the audience to pursue their own ambitions, too, however unassailable they may seem.


The programme is structured as follows:

1)My personal story – the hope, the journey and the miracles that led to my dream career as a comic book writer, and a peek into my plans for further development.

2)Constructing a comic-book page – a slideshow demonstration of the stages involved.

3)Cartoon Character Drawing on paper (you keep the drawing at the end).

4)A showing of my latest animated works.

5)Questions from the Audience

6)A Cartoon Challenge for the audience to work on – subject to the time available and the age of the group.



Total length: approx. an hour and a quarter.

Cost: 750 NIS (including VAT), not including travel expenses to and from our home studio in Pnei Hever, in the Hebron Mountains.

Technical Requirements: slideshow projector.


Our Lectures

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